Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HEY ! We have photos from Hell of the Midwest !

Since we had 30 + miles ahead of us, we decided to forgo the running to the bike style race opener. Instead, a friendly roll-out was picked.
Jason taking the early lead and keeping the tempo up. Everyone was pretty good at keeping the pace high and competitive.

A few steep downhills peppered the route. It made things more fun ...

... and also some steep uphills ! Didn't want to make things TOO easy ! This is at the bottom of Beanblossom.

Thomas, though injured, pulled out third place -- giving him a nice off-the-bike head adornment ! Thank you to Octopus Caps for sending us three superb caps : )

Shawn got a hipbag and t-shirt from Chrome. Nicely done, sir !

The photo issue of COG Magazine is pretty snappy. I looked at that photo for fifteen minutes alone !

Jason lookin sharp in a Chrome shirt and also lookin hairy with them facial furs !

I never really know what to do in photographs ...
Probably the best photo of Shawn ever !

There are MORE PHOTOS ON OUR Flickr PAGE !!! Be sure to take a look-see.
Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday. We'll see you July 24th for sprints.

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