Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little, bright, something for you ...

Saw this over on INDYCOG . Thought it was awesome, so here it is for you : ) Have a nice day.


To Freight Baggage for being a sponsor of the Tour ! I'm pretty excited about this, so I hope everyone else is too. We'll see you for the Time Trial !!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The next STAGES for the Tour

STAGE 2 => TIME TRIAL <= Friday, October 16th - Indy - meet 4pm @ Joe's Cycles for registration ( 5$ ) race @ 5pm

STAGE 3 Sunday, October 25th - Bloomington - meet 10AM @ 505 South Maple for regestration ( 5$ ) race @ 11AM

STAGE 4 Friday, October 30th - Indy - meet 4PM @ Joe's Cycles for registration ( 5$ ) race @ 430PM

Maps and fliers to follow, just wanted to give everyone the heads up so you can get off work, make travel arrangements, etc.

See you soon !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two awesomely fun races coming up !!

On the same day as the Columbusbumshuffle is the 40oz fun run in Louisville, KY. If I don't see you in Ohio, it better be because you're in Louisville having a swell time in Iroquois Park !!! Seriously, go to one of these races Saturday, October 10th !!! They're both gonna be awesome !

Thursday, September 24, 2009


To SURLY for adding to the sponsor list ! More are on the way. We'll keep you updated, so keep checking back. Also, don't forget -- Friday October 16th in Indianapolis, IN is STAGE 2 of the Tour !! A flier is on the way with all the details.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

STAGE 1 results ...

The turnout was smaller than expected. Then again most of the Indy folks are interbike'n. Or working.
So -- Charlie, Michael, and myself raced anyhow. Michael had to drop out due to a mechanical problem ( get in touch with me if you see this Michael. I'd like to ride with you more !! ) , and Charlie took a wrong turn early on -- still, he made it to the finish with a time of 2 hours 1 minute, 3 points for the Sprint section, and 6 points for the Climb sections. My time was 1 hour 40 minutes with 4 Sprint points and 8 Climb points . Adding the sprint points from STAGE 1 to my SPRINTS bonus in Indy last week, i have 7 Sprint points thus far.

A bit about missing races:
If you miss a race, you will be given the time of the last place finisher. This is of course within reason -- you can't miss every race, but i understand that traveling back and forth won't be possible for everyone.

In this instance, anyone attending STAGE 2 on Friday October 16th in Indianapolis will start with a time of 2 hours 1 minute. As this is a Tour event, your time will accumulate over the various races. The person(s) with the shortest time(s) will be deemed winner(s) of the overall Tour.
SO... the time gap is relatively small, and shouldn't be too difficult to make up over the course of the coming weeks. Come out to the next stages !!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

photos from SPRINT night !

here are some photos Dano took of Sprints last Friday. Lookin sharp! Thanks Dano !!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Colin from Skinquake just finished putting this on muh body. Looks awesome ! He does great work and I will definitely be going back for more ! HERE is Colin's blog. Seriously, he's great. You should go get a tattoo from him TODAY !

did you hear ? we're out of the recession ...

So, grab your cash and start spending !
Saw THIS at Prendas along with some of their fall apparel.
If you're feeling vintage: THIS seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

SPRINT results

Last night was the first part of Le Tour de Franzia. The sprint bonus, which took place in Indianapolis had a great turn out. Here are the results:
First Round:
Meaghan & Ben P. -- winner Ben p.
Mark & Sox -- winner Mark
Cole & Thomas -- winner Cole
Ben M. & Doug -- winner Doug
Sam & Richard -- winner Richard
Hannah -- first round by
Second Round:
Ben P. & Mark -- winner Mark
Cole & Doug -- winner Doug
Richard -- second round by
Non-winners bracket ( round 1):
Meaghan & Sox -- winner Sox
Thomas & Ben M. -- winner Ben M.
Sam & Hannah -- winner Sam
Non-winners bracket ( round 2):
Sox & Ben M. -- winner Sox
Sam & Sox -- winner Sam ( 4th place finisher )
Third Round:
Doug & Richard -- winner Richard ( Doug 3rd place finisher)
Mark -- Third round by
Fourth Round:
Mark & Richard -- winner Mark ( 1st place) -- ( Richard 2nd place)

Points Awarded : Mark ( 4 points) Richard ( 3 points) Doug (2 points) Sam (1 point).

Thanks everyone who attended and to Dano for photographing. We'll have some photos posted very soon ! See you all next Friday in Bloomington for STAGE 1 of the Tour !!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


MAP up !!!! HERE . Thanks Hannah for making this while I was busy at work today !
Also, the dates for stages 2 - 4 are planned and will be made available in the next few days. CHECK BACK SOON !!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

BRAbloomington / Radskids present :

This will be a series of races and events spread out over the course of two months (roughly), and will include: distance races, sprints, and time trials. BRA is working with Indy's Radskids to offer a variety of races and different terrain to highlight the skills of a variety of riding styles. Bloomington is naturally hilly as Indianapolis is naturally flat, so --between the two-- it should make for some fun events. The series will take a basic points format. Points will be awarded during distance races at specific areas of the course. At the top of climbs, a racer can win climbing points by being one of the first four to reach the top of the designated hill. Likewise for sprints: the first four racers to cross the sprint line will be awarded the points for the sprint. In addition each racer in attendance will have their finishing time recorded for the overall time leader of the Tour. As always, the races will be fixed gear / single speed ONLY !

SPRINT RACE 1 will be held in Indianapolis on Friday, September 11th. It will be an opportunity for racers to gain some extra sprint points for the overall sprint points race.
STAGE RACE 1 held in Bloomington on Friday September 18th is the first part of the tour. The course is roughly 30 miles and will have 2 designated hills for climbing points and 1 opportunity for sprint points.

A map of Stage 1 will be made available very soon, so check back often.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circle Takes The Square ...PHOTOS !

A little windy. Pacelining ensued.

Workin' it on the hills, Bennie... NICE !

Snazzy Metropolis jersey ! I should have thought putting time trial bars on...maybe my back would have liked me better for it

A little overcast, but still a pretty ride !

Guess I didn't lose too much muscle mass from my lazy three week post-wreck hiatus

A view of the scenic Indiana countryside

Ben was tired a wee bit. . .

I was a little tired myself.

Everyone likes buttons !

Jake smilin' big with a wheelset from joe's cycles, custom undies (not pictured) courtesy panther by hand, cognition cap, and yanco top tube pad

Ben will keep his lock handy thanks to Fabric Horse, his paint job intact thanks to yanco, and his coiffure in order thanks to cognition

Thomas gettin' third-place pretty with his cap from cognition and top tube pad from yanco !

Being last doesn't make you less happy. Louisville dudes worked it and finished up the 57.5 mile ride in style ! And also won a Ulock holster from Fabric Horse

Thanks to everyone who came out !!! With the exception of the detour ten miles in, the race went without a hitch. Speedplay cleats don't work so well when they're jammed with mud !! Thanks to Sam and to Meaghan in support vehicle 1 /documenting the race photographically. Thanks to Hannah for additional help with support vehicle 2

Stay tuned for info on Le Tour de Franzia ! Flier premieres tomorrow