Friday, September 4, 2009

BRAbloomington / Radskids present :

This will be a series of races and events spread out over the course of two months (roughly), and will include: distance races, sprints, and time trials. BRA is working with Indy's Radskids to offer a variety of races and different terrain to highlight the skills of a variety of riding styles. Bloomington is naturally hilly as Indianapolis is naturally flat, so --between the two-- it should make for some fun events. The series will take a basic points format. Points will be awarded during distance races at specific areas of the course. At the top of climbs, a racer can win climbing points by being one of the first four to reach the top of the designated hill. Likewise for sprints: the first four racers to cross the sprint line will be awarded the points for the sprint. In addition each racer in attendance will have their finishing time recorded for the overall time leader of the Tour. As always, the races will be fixed gear / single speed ONLY !

SPRINT RACE 1 will be held in Indianapolis on Friday, September 11th. It will be an opportunity for racers to gain some extra sprint points for the overall sprint points race.
STAGE RACE 1 held in Bloomington on Friday September 18th is the first part of the tour. The course is roughly 30 miles and will have 2 designated hills for climbing points and 1 opportunity for sprint points.

A map of Stage 1 will be made available very soon, so check back often.


  1. just posted this on indycog. looks bad ass. i was really bummed i couldn't ride CTtS. hopefully i can get in on some of this action.

  2. thanks for posting on indycog ! yeah, we want to make this a great series. circle takes the square was really fun. everyone said they had a good time. there will be a couple sprint races thrown in to the tour so that it's not all long distance racing. hope to see you there !!