Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circle Takes The Square ...PHOTOS !

A little windy. Pacelining ensued.

Workin' it on the hills, Bennie... NICE !

Snazzy Metropolis jersey ! I should have thought putting time trial bars on...maybe my back would have liked me better for it

A little overcast, but still a pretty ride !

Guess I didn't lose too much muscle mass from my lazy three week post-wreck hiatus

A view of the scenic Indiana countryside

Ben was tired a wee bit. . .

I was a little tired myself.

Everyone likes buttons !

Jake smilin' big with a wheelset from joe's cycles, custom undies (not pictured) courtesy panther by hand, cognition cap, and yanco top tube pad

Ben will keep his lock handy thanks to Fabric Horse, his paint job intact thanks to yanco, and his coiffure in order thanks to cognition

Thomas gettin' third-place pretty with his cap from cognition and top tube pad from yanco !

Being last doesn't make you less happy. Louisville dudes worked it and finished up the 57.5 mile ride in style ! And also won a Ulock holster from Fabric Horse

Thanks to everyone who came out !!! With the exception of the detour ten miles in, the race went without a hitch. Speedplay cleats don't work so well when they're jammed with mud !! Thanks to Sam and to Meaghan in support vehicle 1 /documenting the race photographically. Thanks to Hannah for additional help with support vehicle 2

Stay tuned for info on Le Tour de Franzia ! Flier premieres tomorrow

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