Saturday, September 19, 2009

STAGE 1 results ...

The turnout was smaller than expected. Then again most of the Indy folks are interbike'n. Or working.
So -- Charlie, Michael, and myself raced anyhow. Michael had to drop out due to a mechanical problem ( get in touch with me if you see this Michael. I'd like to ride with you more !! ) , and Charlie took a wrong turn early on -- still, he made it to the finish with a time of 2 hours 1 minute, 3 points for the Sprint section, and 6 points for the Climb sections. My time was 1 hour 40 minutes with 4 Sprint points and 8 Climb points . Adding the sprint points from STAGE 1 to my SPRINTS bonus in Indy last week, i have 7 Sprint points thus far.

A bit about missing races:
If you miss a race, you will be given the time of the last place finisher. This is of course within reason -- you can't miss every race, but i understand that traveling back and forth won't be possible for everyone.

In this instance, anyone attending STAGE 2 on Friday October 16th in Indianapolis will start with a time of 2 hours 1 minute. As this is a Tour event, your time will accumulate over the various races. The person(s) with the shortest time(s) will be deemed winner(s) of the overall Tour.
SO... the time gap is relatively small, and shouldn't be too difficult to make up over the course of the coming weeks. Come out to the next stages !!!!


  1. hoping to get up there for stage 2 then it's back home for a day and turn around to head back to Bloomington for the Oct 18th cross race.

  2. excellent !!! its in indianapolis. i'm getting the details from sam on the course for the TT, but the meetup is at Joe's Cycles at 4pm for registration. race at 5pm. i'll see you there !