Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a swell time ...

The air was hot, the sun was intense, and sweat poured out by the bucket-full. Nonetheless, it was a fun race. The results are as follows : I came in first place, Sean Wolf came in second, Thomas Fisher came in third ( after almost dying around the final switchback on the Lake Griffy hill ), Sam Jackson was the fourth place finisher, Jason Smith came in fifth place ( whilst hauling a messenger bag filled with water, tubes, tools, and -- of course -- the kitchen sink ), Dylan Morse came in sixth place, and Ben Morrow rounded it out with lucky number seventh place (missing one of the turn-offs.
Many thanks to everyone who helped and to our sponsors ! Everything came together perfectly and I don't think we could have imagined a better first race for the BRA.
Early this week we will post some photos ( we took over 1000, so it may take a while to pick through them all ) so check back in soon !

thanks again everyone and we look forward to seeing your sweaty faces for our next race -- which will be from the circle in indy to the downtown square of bloomington on Saturday, August 22nd !! Big prizes expected ... hopefully no near-death experiences this time though.

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