Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a weekend !

I made my way up to Indianapolis Friday afternoon with the goal of attending the track clinic at the Major Taylor velodrome and wound up spending the whole weekend pedaling.
I met up with some friends at Joe's Cycle's to find that they were heading off to ride in critical mass... so, off we went. Cut to an hour later and i find my stomach's grumblings overriding my need to ride around the city. We head to Yats and i fill the void in my belly and am ready to resume riding.
As it happened, this Friday was the night for sprint races. It cost one dollar to enter, and the fastest rider takes the wad of dollars as a snazzy prize ... who could pass that up ! After two rounds of head to head racing, I found myself next to Masi Mark and Mike Mayer -- two swift fellows. After a few short moments the race was over and Masi Mark was the victor with Mike and myself nipping at his heels ( what can i say, the guy is fast ! ) After all the riding, I was ready for some sleep. Sean Wolf was nice enough to let me sleep on his couch and provided several red bull dranky dranks throughout the weekend to keep me from falling over from exhaustion.
Saturday morning came quickly and i was off to the velodrome. The eight hour day consisted of pace line practice, exchanges, double exchanges, triple exchanges, squaring the track, and lots and lots of left hand turns. All in all, it was pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Ken Nowakowski led the training session and was a pretty swell fellow. Be warned: if you wear slip on shoes with your platforms and cages, he will rib you about it ( just ask mike pike ). But then he ribs on everything, so no biggie. If you went to NAHBS, you may have seen his bike fit booth.
Anyhow, after dinner we walk outside and the sky is black and green. It seems the weather decided to go nuts and attempt to form a tornado in downtown Indy. Allthough that never happened, it did provide us with some interesting sounds and sights for the ride back to Fountain Square and the safety of Sean's apartment.
The evening wrapped with a viewing of Quicksilver and then it was off to bed ( couch ) once again. Sunday brought the end of my stay in the N.A.P. city and my 55 mile ride home to Bloomington ... (49x15) BOOSH !!!

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