Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bum Shuf 09 -- The Results !

Aside from Mike getting a fly-by from Hannah's bird finger THIS picture of Dan ^^^ is my favorite of the evening !

I just liked Aaron's sweatshirt, what can I say ?

Some random people came by. Some meaning like 30. Came by meaning stayed till the Colt was GONE! And among them this guy^^^^^^^
Just hangin' out ... not really ... he stayed that way.

Dude, is your hurrr not all thurrr ?

Yep !

Here are the Bum Shuffle prize winners:

1st overall - Tom Gohagan
2nd - Phil Boydelatour
3rd - Andy Brannini
4th - Joe Scarbro
5th - Trenton Brulport

1st girls - Hannah Caproon
2nd - Shannon Byers (first race ever!)
3rd - Ryann

1st out of town - Nick Chenoweitz (Dayton)
2nd out of town - Richard Bate (Bloomington)

DFL - Kim Corbin and Dana (Dayton)

best ever - some young kid who bought aluminum cans from a bum

Thanks Aaron for putting me up for the weekend. Hannah and myself will be seeing you in December to redeem our tattoo coupon from The Artful Dodger !

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