Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Le Tour de Franzia -- new flier/STAGE dates

Thanks to Mike Ley for getting this to me ! Look at all those sponsors ! Plus a couple extras from BRA as well.

Don't forget !!!! Time trial in Indy this Friday ! Meet at Joe's Cycles @ 4 for registration (5 dollars). Race starts at 5 PM. We'll see you there !


  1. Approximately how miles is the stage 3 race or how long will it take? (Just so you know I am Michael, I just couldn't figure out how to post a commment with any of my own accounts, so I am borrowing my mom's.)(Also, I figured out that my problem was that my axle was bent.)

  2. stage 3 is about 26 miles, michael. hope to see you there !!