Friday, November 6, 2009

new things

I just rode around on my new PHIL WOOD bottom bracket installed by Rawny at Bikesmiths, and let me tell you -- the thing is a dreamboat !!! Phil makes some great products. I'm a happy camper for certain. Speaking of campers ... tomorrow is bike camp at Morgan Monroe. Some friends are packing up their packables/campables and setting out for a 14 mile bike ride to the campsite. It should be a pretty fun time.
Following the camp theme -- a week from today ( Friday the 13th) will be the final event for the Tour !!! It will be a match style sprint race in Indy ( like the opening event for the tour on sept 11th) and will determine the sprint winner of the Tour. The award ceremony will also take place after the sprint event as well as a mystery event with a couple mystery prizes ! So, make sure to come out to race and/or spectate and cheer your pals on ! Meet at Pan Am Plaza at 10PM to register ( 2 $ entry ). We will get the sprints started at 10:30PM

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