Monday, November 2, 2009

STAGE 4 results

Jake - 15 minutes 58 seconds
Shawn - 15 minutes 59 seconds
Mark - 16 minutes 9 seconds
Charlie - 16 minutes 11 seconds
Richard - 16 minutes 21 seconds
Kevin - 18 minutes 30 seconds
Eric - 18 minutes 32 seconds

The course was 6 miles long, and (as you can see) everyone was riding pretty fast ! It had rained all day long, but stopped shortly before the race got underway. The rain and cold made it an interesting race though, and everyone said they had a great time! The first four to finish were granted a time bonus - first place received a 4 minute time subtraction, second place received 3 minutes, third received 2 minutes, fourth received 1 minute.

STAGE 4 was the final timed stage for the Tour, locking in the top four as follows :


Richard - 1st - 3 hours 49 minutes 5 seconds
Mark - 2nd - 3 hours 54 minutes 37 seconds
Jake - 3rd - 4 hours 3 minutes 12 seconds
Shawn - 4th - 4 hours 5 minutes 5 seconds

Thank you to everyone for racing and to all that have supported BRA and the races we've put on in this Tour series !! The next stage ( STAGE 5) is a sprint race in Indianapolis on Friday, November 13th. The meet will be at Pan Am Plaza at 10 PM and we will get the sprints underway at 10:30 PM. There will be an awards ceremony afterward for the Tour leaders and also a mystery event with mystery prizes to be given out as a fun way to end the Tour ! An earlier post shows the sprints points breakdown for everyone, so make sure to check it out. We will see you the 13th !!!

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